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I contacted Pixozz after a few business partners recommended them to me. At first, I only needed a simple logo for my brand, but they truly convinced me. Therefore, since the moment I have met them, Pixozz is managing our business’ entire online presence. We strongly recommend you working with them!


Grigore Comanescu General Manager @Comprest Util

Our company, COCOR SA, has no IT concerns since Pixozz is handling our technologies for us. Until this moment, we are convinced that we are working with a capable, serious and devoted team.


Aurel Beșliu Vicepresident @COCOR SA

We chose Pixozz because of our need to develop a dynamic and complex platform for our cultural news website – www.ziarulmetropolis.ro. Our online newsletter, Metropolis, has various qualities. In addition to the well-written and helpful content on our website, we greatly value a user-friendly design. Together with the Pixozz team, we are also managing www.uniter.ro and www.fnt.ro – two of the most important theatre-related and cultural platforms in Romania.


Dan Boicea Editor @Ziarul Metropolis